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Most Amazing - Hippo Vs Lion wild animal attacks 2016

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"Africa’s Luangwa valley is a place of drama and contrast. The dry season sees many animals perish, but in return provides crucial meals for others.

In the dry season the lion prides spend most of their time on the beaches, where every animal is forced to come and drink. For the lions it’s a time of great opportunity, but with it comes a time of danger. Hippos might be starving and in poor condition, but they are not willing to share their turf with a predator and will protect their domain at all cost. More than once they face each other, and their confrontations become more serious as the drought worsens…

Growing up amongst all this are two small, vulnerable lion cubs. Their chances of survival in a world of giants are slim. But their mother is devoted and does everything in her power to ensure the survival of her cubs. As they fight their way through the dry season, both mother and cubs will experience the hardships and the sacrifices that the harsh Luangwa winter brings…

This is a story about lions and their unusual companions. A story about some of the most courageous rulers in a time of darkness, where a bull’s fearsome leadership and a mother’s ultimate devotion writes the script for a true-life drama..."
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