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15 Inventions You Won't Believe Exist

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Ever heard of the squatty potty? What about Selfie Toaster? Here are 15 inventions you won't believe actually exist!

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# 10 Synthetic Human Mouth
Engineers and scientists at Kagawa University in Japan have created this strange looking contraption, a synthetic mouth, tongue, windpipe and nasal cavity that has the ability to produce human speech. This creepy device uses a set of vocal cords to create noises the same way that we do as humans. At the moment it can basically just create human-like moans and groans with its synthetic flesh tubes, but the goal may be to eventually have a synthetic human mouth that can not only groan in pain, but talk with us. Let’s just hope it doesn’t say anything creepy when that happens.

# 9 Nubrella
Nubrella is a hands-free umbrella. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to ride a bike while protecting themselves from the rain or just straight up doesn’t want to hold an umbrella in their hands. It looks like a fashionized version of a hamster ball on your head, but it will certainly keep you dry, even if you look like a sore thumb in the middle of a crowd.

# 8 Toastabags
Have you ever thought about making grilled cheese in your toaster? It seems like such a good idea until you set your toasters on fire and the melted cheese has got all over your toaster. With the Toastabag, you can turn a raw cheese sandwich into a grilled cheese in your very own toaster. It is a reusable nonstick surface, perfect for when you specifically need to eat a grilled cheese in a pinch.

# 7 Motorized Ice Cream Cone
For some people, turning your ice cream cone in your hand to eat an ice cream cone is too much work. For those people, the motorized, self-turning ice cream cone is the perfect gift. This is pretty self-explanatory; it turns a scoop of ice cream in the cone for you.

# 6 FLIZ Pedal-Less Bike
Everyone who owns a bike wishes that it didn’t have pedals on it right? Well now, your dreams of commuting like the Flinstones can come true with the FLIZ No-Pedals bikes. This bike would have you strap yourself into the bike and then run as fast as your legs will go until you pick up enough momentum to just ride forward. While it seems like it could just be better to straight up walk than use this but the wheels and strap in belts relieve a lot of pressure which allows you to go farther distances in faster times. However, it can’t be fun to ride this thing uphill.

# 5 My Shreddies
With Shreddies you can rip as many heavy farts as you want and not have to worry about ravaging the senses of those around you with a terrible sewage smell. Shreddies are underwear with a special filtration fabric that neutralizes the odor of your flatulence. The farts are caught inside the carbon lining of the fabric which prevents the stench from escaping. This special carbon filter is then reactivated when you run it through the washer.

# 4 She Wee
The She Wee is a device that liberates people to pee as freely as the other half. On a road trip, camping, or just because you want to stand up while you go. It is essentially a specially contoured funnel that allows you to experience the convenience of peeing while standing.

# 3 Face Slimmer
This is a Japanese manufactured piece of rubber that can prevent the signs of aging. This awkward product is called the Face Slimmer and is meant to combat the sagging facial skin While you’re wearing the Face Slimmer you have to vocalize and make a bunch of different vowel sounds to exercise your facial muscles. This is apparently going to stop your face from growing wrinkles and lines.

# 2 Cupmen
The Cupmen are a quirky way to keep track of time on something very specific: the time it takes for your cup of instant noodles to finish. The Cupmen fits snugly onto a lid of instant noodles and as the figurine heats up it slowly changes color as the heat from the water heats it up. Not only is it a cute way to keep track of your cook time, but it also holds down the flap of the cup of noodles.

# 1 Pocket Shot
The Pocket Shot is an incredible invention that absolutely no one needs. It’s a modern take on the classic slingshot made up of a plastic circle with a rubber backing that you can pull out backwards to launch projectiles out at high speeds. It looks like an unassuming piece of rubber until you load in a pellet and start shooting up bottles and cans. You can even dole out some extra cash and even launch arrows out of the pocket shot. The Pocket Shot has taken the slingshot into the 21st century.

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